Disruptive Startups & Their Angel Investors Lean on Us
to Get that First Institutional Round Done

LeanTech Group uses it’s company-growing experience, transaction expertise, technology and relationships with national investors to help the best & brightest technology startups (from 100% digital consumer web to b2b to technology-enabled services) prepare for and successfully execute their first institutional investment.

Who We AreWho We Are

We are very experienced technology deal-doers, Lean Startup product developers, technologists, digital marketers, and metrics black-belts, all focused on helping the most promising disruptive companies, outside of the technology hubs, achieve success.
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What We DoWhat We Do

We help our partner companies prepare for the rigor of their first institutional round, a level of rigor well-beyond the expectations of their angel round.
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How We WorkHow We Work

We are Lean Startup entrepreneurs helping Lean Startup entrepreneurs. We are careful to align mutual interests; we are not successful if our startup partners are not successful.
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LeanTech Group executes all of its transactions through March Capital Corporation, registered with FINRA/SIPC.

Are you ready to go
another round?

If you have received an angel round and are preparing for the institutional round(s) to follow, congratulations on getting this far, few do, but that angel round was likely just a stepping stone.


Current top-of-mind is that the Series A funding crunch is on, making it more difficult than ever to clear the institutional funding hurdle, more so if you are located outside of the technology hubs. So, now that the consumer web frenzy is cooling down and b2b/enterprise is back in favor, more than ever, you have to understand LeanCapital and how your opportunity fits. We are expert at assessing and executing LeanCapital raises.

Lean On Us...

We totally get it, so we move fast, have relationships with LeanCapital investors and our proprietary database and technology is tailor-made to move the funding process better/faster.

  • Relationships with investors. If you are outside of a technology hub there may only be a few technology investors in your state/region and they may be focused on later-stage (‘B’ round or later) opportunities. You need to pursue a national search for your ‘A’ round. According to the National Venture Capital Association, there are approximately 500 active VC funds with, we guestimate, approximately 2,500 investing professionals, so how do you know which professional in which fund to contact and what is your messaging?. LeanTech Group has personal relationships with many of the professionals at these funds and is developing a database and matching technology (ontology) to match your opportunity with the partner,not the fund,that has experience with companies most like yours. We can, in minutes, find the 30-40 partners/decision makers in funds (VC, super angels, corporate VC, family office) that are best fit for your company.
  • Execution. In addition, we can build deal collateral (executive summary, investor decks), revenue and business models (e.g. subscription, affiliate/bounty commerce, ad-funded, search-based, more) capitalization tables (showing ‘what-if’ deal outcomes) and kpi metrics dashboards, all designed for VC due diligence, in less than one tenth the time of traditional methods and our outputs are much better. You must have vettable data of this nature for an ‘A’ round. A side benefit is that current angel investors that have never had this data-driven view, really like the new visibility into key success factors and metrics.
  • Valuation/terms ranges, by region of country. Because we focus on this space, we have a heuristic regarding fair market valuation/terms ranges by region of the country. This obviously is important as you think about executing your ‘A’ round raise.

Get QuickSmart...

Our first step is a QuickSmart™ assessment where we look at your investment opportunity from the point of view of an institutional investor (see chart below). This is the stuff that VC’s talk about in their Monday morning meetings. There is no cost for this assessment and it can be completed in a few hours of Founder/CEO and team time. Find out fast if your opportunity has the right stuff to get short attention-span, and very experienced, VC’s interested.

Let’s get on with the disruption...

Following this assessment, we’ll give you our candid heuristic regarding your investment opportunity’s strengths/weaknesses, likelihood of institutional interest, why/why not, and a range of valuation/terms expectations by area of the country. We’ll also provide a 90/180 day roadmap to shore up deficiencies as you prepare to engage with VC’s. To prepare you for the real thing during this period we ‘play VC’ and hold you/your team to achieving the metrics (on a weekly/biweekly basis) that we mutually agree will be the key performance indicators that investors will require.

From there, we work very closely with you and your team, your angel investors, mentors and advisors, to quarterback the process to get your deal done.

If you think you have what it takes, give us a call and let's get on with the disruption!