Who We Are

We are very experienced technology deal-doers, Lean Startup product developers, technologists, digital marketers, and metrics black-belts, all focused on helping the most promising disruptive companies, outside of the technology hubs, achieve success. Our people have a range of tailor-made experiences to add strategic value to our emerging startup clients. One of our partners has completed more than $1B in transaction value between their agency and principal-side (as venture partner in a VC fund) technology (software, Internet, tech-enabled services) deals. Another partner is an award winning (Illinois CTO of the Year) product/technology/metrics-focused professional that is a professor of computer science and was CTO of two VC-backed startups; one that went public and the other having recently received a nine-figure valuation in a growth financing. Other members of our team have been CEO’s in successful digital companies or deep domain experts such as analytics, revenue/business, capitalization table modeling and Lean Startup kpi metrics development. This senior-level experience, when added to the most promising and disruptive companies, is a combination that results in a much higher probability of completing a best/fairest institutional investment (valuation/terms).

What We Do

We help our partner companies prepare for the rigor of their first institutional round, a level of rigor well-beyond the expectations of their angel round. Preparing for an institutional investment requires discipline around quick learning/pivoting, MVP development/testing, metrics, digital marketing, assessing human capital needs and more. We are expert in these areas and are developing a Rolodex of world-class domain experts where our skills can be augmented. This is a lot of work but it is the table stakes for raising institutional capital. Then we get the deal done. We do this by leveraging our national investor network (VC, Corporate Venture, Super Angels, Family Office) where we carefully match the attributes of our client companies using our proprietary ontology (needed for disruptive companies because they are creating new solutions for new spaces) to the investing preferences of our investor network. If helpful we’ll continue to add value following the transaction.

How We Work

We are Lean Startup entrepreneurs helping Lean Startup entrepreneurs. We are careful to align mutual interests; we are not successful if our startup partners are not successful. Our consideration consists of a mix of retainer, success fee and equity, where the vast majority of our upside is dependent on a successful transaction and the long-term success of the company. We mutually figure out the specific value and mix of consideration following our free QuickSmart™ Assessment where we rapidly put our prospective clients through (high-level) institutional due diligence. Then we provide candid feedback as to the likelihood of institutional investment interest, why/why not, strengths/weaknesses, likely pre-money valuation and terms ranges and a 90/180 day roadmap to shore up deficiencies. During this period we ‘play VC’ and hold the team to achieving the metrics that we mutually agree will be the key performance indicators that investors will require. The assessment requires approximately four hours of Founder/CEO and senior team time and we have our findings back to our prospective clients in less than two weeks from initiation of the assessment. Following that step we agree to ‘go/no-go’ on the capital raise process and if a ‘go’, then mutually determine LeanTech’s consideration mix. Our prospective client partners enjoy our findings, for free, and with no requirement to proceed to next steps. Obviously we have to believe that there is a high likelihood of disruptive potential and our ‘deal heuristic’ has to register before we engage in the QuickSmart™ Assessment.